Visiting Festivals for the Love of Cinema

The recent developments in photography technologies lead to impressive progress in the cinema and movie making industry. Twenty years ago, only some people or some groups were able to shoot movies or record videos due to restricted use of the technology. Especially with the sudden progress in the mobile phone industry, starting in 2005, the screening technology has been combined with telecommunications. Therefore, it became even easier for people to reach these technologies on photography and movie making, simply by buying a smartphone and trying its camera. Many people started to post their videos on social media platforms after buying the latest and greatest smartphones.

The increase in the number of videos that are uploaded on social media platforms is highly significant in the last ten years. However, there is also a critical amount of people who show loyalty to old patterns of cinema which include script writing, acting, post-production, animation and 3D effects as well as the fabulous atmosphere of international film festivals where the audience from all around the world is invited to come and join the special screenings, director and audience discussions and award ceremonies. If you are lucky enough to be invited to such an event, be sure to wear a raincoat for men if the weather is not completely on your side.

If you are also showing loyalty to old patterns of cinema rather than watching the short videos on social media channels, then you can take a quick look at the international cinema and cinematography festivals which are taking place in Europe all year round.

International Film Festivals in Europe

  • Cannes Film Festival (Cannes, France): Being the most famous and prestigious film festival in Europe, Cannes Film Festival welcomes only excellence in cinema from all around the world. While hundreds of movies are accepted to be presented in various categories, the City of Cannes hosts thousands of cinema lovers each year in May to come and join this fabulous atmosphere.
  • Berlinale International Film Festival (Berlin, Germany): Being the most reputable international film festival on European soil, Berlinale presents the first screenings of the year. Inviting all cinema gurus, producers, directors, scriptwriters and cinematographers from around the world and possessing the title of ”the one and only international film festival which offers the most amount of free public events and workshops”.
  • Venezia International Film Festival (Venice, Italy): With an Italian touch on cinema, Venezia International Film Festival offers movies in different categories: feature movies, short movies, documentaries and animations.
  • International Cinematographers’ Festival: Manaki Brothers (Bitola, Macedonia): Dedicated to the creativity of cinematographers, this festival is the first and oldest festival in the world highlighting the hidden potential of photographers. Having a special focus on film photography and cinema aesthetics, ICFF in Bitola is a must-see experience to be in.
  • Sarajevo International Film Festival (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina): Trying to build a strong society over civil war, Sarajevo welcomes famous directors, filmmakers, and producers from all around the world each year in August. It is time to explore different perspectives on cinema in Sarajevo this year.