Electric Vehicles Spark Consumer Interest in Drive-in Movies

Outdoor movie theaters experienced a resurgence in popularity at the onset of the pandemic in 2020. Ranging from traditional theaters to makeshift film sites in large parking lots, these venues continue to offer an escape into the world of fantasy. By sitting in a car several feet from the nearest vehicle, the person may safely watch the screen and consume food. In this new age of enhanced protection, drive-ins offer the best of both worlds – entertainment and safety. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers rave about a few benefits to visiting the drive in.


As the EV infrastructure continues to grow internationally, providers seek out shiftemobility.com innovative solutions for EV parts to support electric vehicles and fleets. In addition, drive-in theaters worth considering for a quick charge. In fact, companies, like shiftemobility.com, are already solidifying partnerships with global chains in the EV industry.

In 2020, Walmart announced its plans to transform 160 of the company’s parking lots into outdoor theaters. Electrify America is already partnering with the chain to provide electric charging stations at more than 100 locations. If in the area, an EV owner and his family may catch a flick and charge up at the same venue by receiving 20 miles of electricity per minute. It’s a trend likely to continue as corporations and consumers are beginning to move away from gas-powered vehicles. Large venues with lots of parking are jumping on the bandwagon, including convention centers and ski resorts. As the demand for electrical charging stations increase, companies will seek to meet an EV owner wherever his or she is.


Electric engines are very quiet. Imagine an entire drive-in theater full of EV owners. A person could sit in his vehicle without engine noise distracting from the movie’s sound. Rolling down the window to order food won’t impact the experience either. If it’s hot, turn on the air. If it’s chilly, crank up the heat. Shiftemobility.com provides a myriad of products and services to consumers who enjoy the convenience of an electric engine.

Social Distance

Social distance is made simple by car owners who frequent the drive-in movie. Leaving the car is not necessary. The distance between customers ensures safety. In fact, the safety of watching a movie outdoors is what has sparked the renewed interest in the practice. EV charging stations offer convenience to slews of vehicle owners who frequent outdoor movie locations.