Best Classic Movies to Watch

The Godfather

The Godfather is often on top of the lists of greatest movies ever made. It tells the tale of a mafia dynasty threatened by gang warfare and betrayal. The film established Al Pacino as a staple actor of the 1970’s. He plays Michael, son of the ailing mafia family head.

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The Godfather remains one of the most popular classic movies of all time. It was followed by a highly lauded sequel which some reviewers believe is superior. Later a third, less successful installment was released.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is a beloved movie which has a mass appeal across generations. The technicolor musical focuses on a farm girl called Dorothy. Together with her dog Toto she is transported to the magical land of Oz and befriends numerous fantastical characters.

This story is already well known to a large number of readers. Most people will likely have seen this movie and for good reason. It is a timeless classic that continues to find new viewers. It is often played on television and re-released on home media such as DVD and Blu-ray.


Jaws established Stephen Spielberg as one of the greatest film directors out there. His 70’s horror thriller follows a police chief as he tries to protect his beach community from a killer shark. It remains one of the most intense movies to watch.

Spielberg had several issues to contend with while making Jaws. Originally the shark was meant to be shown on screen much more predominantly. However, the mechanical shark being used broke down and Spielberg decided to instead use cinematography to imply the presence of the creature.

This decision ended up being a very important one. It led to a much better crafted film, one that would later be regarded as a masterpiece. One of the other reasons for its success was the atmospheric score composed by John Williams.

Lawrence of Arabia

This epic biopic tells the true-life tale of an archaeologist during the First World War. Peter O’Toole plays T.E. Lawrence, who is tasked with uniting Arabic tribes against the Ottoman Empire. During his travels, Lawrence descends into savagery as he experiences the true nature of war.

Director David Lean created an expansive, full-scale film that is extremely impressive. Every element of the movie is masterfully constructed. It deserves to be seen on a large screen in order to appreciate the scope of this work.