Creating a movie room

Cinemas are always very dark and plain, but if you are creating a movie room in your own home then it doesn’t have to be like that. If you have a projector then having the ability to make the room dark, such as heavy curtains or black-out blinds is the way to go, but for day to day, the room can be bright and airy.

Make it cosy

Making the room cosy and comfortable is important, after all you will be sitting in it for several hours at a time while the movie is on. Add some plants to your space and it will help to create an atmosphere of calm. Bromeliads are a good choice as they also offer a pop of color to the room. If you are concerneed about bromeliad watering then youc an use the getplanta app for help.

If you are new to plant care and want to know about things like bromeliad watering or the best place in the room to place your plants then the getplanta app can offer you all that and more. It can tell you the type of soil your plant should be in, whether your plant will like the windowsill or shaded corner and just how much water each plant needs to thrive.


Darker walls for a movie room are common, it keeps potential distracting reflections to a minimum, but if you don’t want to sit in a dark room, consider breaking up the blank dark walls with movie posters or other artwork.


It is not pleasant when you have to go from a dark room into a bright space, so consider putting the movie room lights on dimmer switches. That way after the film has finished you can increase the lighting slowly, avoiding that sudden light blindess that is common when leaving the movies.