Walt Disney Will Always Be Eternally Popular

The famous Micky Mouse

As you probably know, Walter Disney was a very successful American voice actor, animator, and film producer. He is widely known as a pioneer of the animation industry and he won several awards for his work as a film producer. Besides creating high-quality entertainment for children and adults alike, he also founded the well-known World Disney Company. Several popular Disney characters, for example, Micky Mouse, became the foundation of this company that keeps on making its consumers from all over the world happy.

The World Disney Company

Today, the Walt Disney Company is one of the leading providers and producers of Disneyland in Parisentertainment and mass media. It is widely known as Disney and was founded back in the year 1923 in Los Angeles. The headquarters are located at the famous Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. Without a doubt, this company is the top global retail merchandiser in this field. In addition, it is also the leading licensor with many different brands, for example, Marvel, ESPN, and Walt Disney Studios, of course. Licensed brands are really important for a lot of large retailers. Competitors of the Walt Disney Company are the Pokémon Company International, Moose Toys, Rovio Entertainment, and Sony Pictures, for example.

Magical Products For Young & Old

Today, the World Disney company is branched out into various theme parks, several entertainment studios, products, and other popular media productions. Many people enjoy collecting the various Disney products such as toys, prints, art or other handcrafted items. There are also a lot of vintage products that are extremely precious nowadays. You can find collectables at barnebys for a really reasonable prize. There you can a rare Micky Mouse cap, an adorable Donald Duck, beautiful Winnie the Pooh crystal figures, or various soft toys that will let the heart of every child beat faster. Treat yourself with these amazing products or simply buy them to make somebody else happy and spread the wonderful Disney magic.