Wall Art Tips for Movie Buffs

Besides popcorn, wall art can transform any TV room into a sensational home cinema, so you no longer have to leave the house. If you have a passion for Hollywood, you will never go wrong with movie-inspired artwork. The good news is that there are endless choices in terms of framing, layouts, colors, and personalization. For instance, you may have a multi-panel or single canvas and choose the text to gift yourself or a loved one. Let’s see how you can use the many available options.

Personalized Film Motif

When coated with waterproof and UV-resistant paint, personalized motifs of a film can be a big throwback to the glory days of the movie. Your movie nights have never felt so vintage with a customized piece of home theatre wall art. Choose the name of your favorite movie that should be put at the center of the desenio.com print. Add a sharp, clean look to your cinema room with codes of your favorite character. Print the codes on canvas or vinyl and hang them on the wall to add an indie touch.

Movie Advertisement Posters

If you don’t mind ads on your walls, hang movie posters based on a specific theme. Create an ambiance like that of a real theatre with old movie posters or customized designs from Desenio. Alternatively, add a replica of the main characters from your best films. Another option is to turn one of your walls into a museum with décor elements related to movies you have watched, e.g., photos, cinema tickets, and suits.


Go iconic with artwork featuring the mysteries of the universe. Perhaps you have an interest in aliens or similar characters. If these creatures excite you, you have a chance to showcase your passion by putting a printed diagram in a home theater room inspired by alien-based films. Apart from adding character to the room, it will captivate the attention of any guest you invite to watch movies with.

Paint the Scene

Looking to give your TV room a makeover? You can paint the walls with ideas bought from the best Hollywood series. Consider taking inspiration from action-packed movies, dramas, nature-inspired, or wildlife documentaries.

Most people organize their living spaces to focus on the TV set, but this doesn’t bring the feeling of a real theatre. When hosting movie nights, you don’t want your friends to find a pile of stuff around the TV. You can organize the room using the ideas above for a thrilling look on the walls.