Top 5 horror movies from Japan

When it comes to horror films, there’s no country that does it better than the Japanese. We’re not quite sure of how they’re able to produce so many terrifying horror movies that has amazing plots. If there’s something that should be crazy scary, it would be to see a japanese horror movie at a premiere in Japan. Find cheap and great flights to Japan and other destinations using Avionero.

We’d like to present to you our top 5 list of japanese horror movies.

Juniito Ito is a well known manga artist in Japan, and if you’re familliar with his work you would not believe that someone made a movie based on his work. But surely the japanese film director Akihiro Higuchi have done just that.

This manga based horror movie contains surrealistic “body horror” and artwork. The movies characters will be bend over in all different kind of unnatural shapes that reminds the main character Kirie about snails with scary long hair.

A woman goes trough a rough divorce and she’s forced to move in to an old apartment. She has her daughter with her and none of them really likes their new place. The mother started to notice that the drains were leaking and it sometimes fell out hair out of the tap water. AS disgusted as she were she complained to the janitor, but nothing was ever done. After she told the janitor, she went back in to her room and strange things started happening.

When her daughter goes missing and that scary bunny and red bag that appears by the door everyday freaks her out and the nightmare has only begun. This movie goes from being creepy in to being utterly terrifying.

#3 – EXTE
This movie will make your pulse get higher and you’ll never go to a hair salon ever again. The creator of the terrifying Suicide Club, Sion Sono, has created this horror movie.

The story is about a girl who wants to become a famous hairdresser, all of a sudden she finds a girl who sells her a lot of hair extensions. That doesn’t kill anybody… does it?
Days go by and she buys more and more hair extensions from this mystery woman who seems to love hair extensions a little too much. We later find out that the hair comes from a dead body, who for some reason won’t decompose, the body keeps on producing the hair.

This hair that’s been used as hair extensions will eventually make the wearer go bat shit crazy and kill themselves or they will get killed by someone else.

This is another movie on our list that’s based on a previous manga story. The movie is directed by Tsuruta Norio (2004) and later on there was an american version produced three years later.

It’s about a man who’s with his family on a small vacation with his wife and little daughter. When they’re on the road they’re in need of a phone. A little way down the road they see a phone booth and the man pulled the car over and went in the phone booth to make a phone call. In the phone booth there’s a newspaper that has an article about how his little daughter was killed in a car accident. The date of the accident in the newspaper was just moments after the time when he read it, and all of a sudden a car crashes in to their car and kills the little girl.  This newspaper saw in to the future and this movie is not very known to the west, if it was it may have been our #1 Japanese horror movie.

#1 – KAIRO
This horror movie will make you feel unsafe when trying out a new internet provider and using the internet overall. The story is about the evil spirits that’s able to haunt the living world thanks to the internet. The main character Kudo notices that her coworker is acting a little bit weird in the shop. After the coworker has been missing for a few days she finds him. He started acting very unnatural and suddenly he kills himself infront of Kudo. She started looking for something that might have indicated that the former co worker was feeling mentally ill and if something shows that he was somehow depressed… then she found that he had some weird stuff on the computer.

A friend of hers starts acting as strange as the former co worker and she’ll eventually kills herself. Kudo has to solve this, or else…