Enjoying Movies in Your Own Home

Unfortunately, as can be seen from recent events, sometimes it simply is not possible to go out to the cinema. However, with the newest advances in live streaming, people can watch the latest movies almost as soon as they are released in their own home. But somehow, the excitement of the cinema is missing. Going to the cinema is a pleasurable experience, something to look forward to, an excuse to dress up. Simply sitting on your couch at home on your own is just not the same.

Recreate the Cinema Experience

To bring back the thrill of watching a new movie, you need to turn one room of your home into a mini cinema. This will be easier than you think. Start with the seating, which you can quickly transform with the use of gorgeous Ikea sofa covers from Bemz. This is particularly important if you plan on having friends around. You don’t want them to see your tired, shabby sofa. By adding a new cover, it instantly modernises your furniture.

Setting Up the Room

You may wish to consider having a specific colour theme for your cinema room. If you look at the Bemz website, they have a vast choice of designs, one of which could be your focal point. You can also select a specific fabric. If you think about going to the cinema, the venue often has plush seating. You can recreate this by using the Simply Velvet collection from Bemz, perhaps in a stunning teal blue or pretty dusky pink.

Change With the Seasons

One of the best things about Bemz is that their Ikea sofa covers are so affordable. You will feel free to order several designs so that you can change the look of your home cinema as often as you want. And, of course, having a few spare covers comes in handy should one of your guests spill their drink. On the Bemz website, there is a helpful care guide that will help you prolong the life of your covers.

As you can see, going to the cinema isn’t the only way to enjoy the latest movies. Once you have set up your own screening room, with the addition of some stylish new sofa covers from Bemz, you can recreate the experience. Your friends and family will be queueing at the door to watch movies in such a great atmosphere.