10 Rising Movie Stars of the 2000s


Here is a list of 10 young actors who’ve become famous this century:

  • Zac Efron began his professional acting career in the early 2000s and has appeared in many films, including “Hairspray” (2007) and “17 Again” (2009).
  • Liam Hemsworth is an Australian actor who played Gale Hawthorne in “The Hunger Games” film series.
  • Asa Butterfield is an English actor who starred in the Martin Scorsese film, “Hugo”, among others.
  • Dev Patel is an English actor who’s famous for “Slumdog Millionaire” (2008) and “Lion” (2016).
  • Tom Holland is an English actor who appeared in “The Impossible” (2004) and two Marvel Cinematic Universe films as Spider-Man.
  • Emma Stone has appeared in successful films like “Superbad” (2007), ”Birdman” (2014) and “La La Land” (2016}.
  • Jennifer Lawrence” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Lawrence) is one of the most successful actresses today, having appeared in numerous box-office hits during the 2000s.
  • Emily Browning is an award-winning Australian TV and film actress who came to prominence after appearing in “Ghost Ship” (2002).
  • Abigail Breslin starred in the popular 2006 film, “Little Miss Sunshine”, and has been in demand ever since.
  • Saoirse Ronan excelled in the 2007 film, “Atonement” and is the second-youngest actress to receive two Oscar nominations.